Sommer Meridian Speaker Cable

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Speaker Cables are one of the most overlooked cables in our set-ups and we can sometimes use cables that create more impedance in our signal which can have undesired effects on our tone.

We spend hours fine-tuning our tone on our boards and amps so you would want to make sure that you are preserving that tone and definition when it hits our speakers.

Our speaker cables are specifically designed for guitar cabinets using Sommer Meridian 13 AWG Twin Axial cable which is ultra-flexible and uses premium copper for sonic integrity.  They also come with mid-size GH Plugs or with Neutrik SpeakOn Connectors.  Top it all off with Nylon sleeving from MDPC and you have a speaker cable that not only sounds amazing but also stands out!

For Bass players, we highly recommend our Blue Series Speaker Cables

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