About Us

Meet Sarah and Asher
Asher grew up all over California but spent his teenage years in one of the most musically rich areas of the country: the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by all the great music surrounding him, he begged his parents for a guitar and, soon after acquiring it, started his first band. He played in several bands from that point on, his favorite of which was called Caulfield, a name he loved so much that, even after they broke up, he knew he would use again someday.

After moving from the SF Bay Area to Central California, Asher met Sarah. Together they shared a love for all things artistic, musical, and of course...PIZZA! So they decided to spend their lives together pursuing art and being creative.

Asher and Sarah grew tired of city life and decided to move their growing family to rural Northern California. With their twin daughters and a small army of animals, they are happy to call this area their home. 

One day, while talking shop with another guitar player, Asher was struck by a realization: Why do people spend so much money on guitars, amps, and pedals only to let their signal be choked by inferior, mass-produced instrument cables? After discussing this with Sarah, they decided to put an idea to the test: Could they hand-craft a cable that looked better than anything else on the market all while preserving the tone that everyone is striving for, they found the answer: Yes, they could!

Thus, Caulfield Cables was born!

When they aren't making instrument cables, Asher and Sarah can be found chasing their twin toddlers around, exploring their beautiful state and continuing their life-long search for the best pizza in the world (So far, Pizzarium Bonci in Rome is winning).

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