Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want custom lengths?

We are happy to discuss your special requests. We ask that you send us an email with your ideas to info@caulfieldcables.com. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

What does "S" and "U" configurations for patch cables mean?

This is a great question!
The configurations of the patch cable tips relates to the direction they are facing and the manner in which they can be plugged into a pedal.

An "S" shape configuration is best suited when you are going from a side-mount jack to a top-mount jack.

S shape patch cable configuration

A "U" shape configuration is best suited for when you are going from a side-mount jack to another side-mount jack.

U Shape patch cable configurationU Shape Patch Cable configuration

Please see photos for examples. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us!

How are patch cables measured?
Measurements for our patch cables are done from tip to tip for square patch cables and center ring to center ring on the low profile straight patch cables.
Do you make MIDI cables?
Yes, we do!  Currently we are processing them as custom orders.  If you would like pricing on a MIDI cable, please email us at info@caulfieldcables.com with "Custom Order" in the subject line.
What is the difference between the Classic Series and the Tour Series?
The Classic Series cable is known for its ultra flexibility and light weight feel.  Made with VanDamme PRO Grade XKE cable it produces an amazing low capacitance rating of 27.4pF/ft.  Perfect for home use and light stage use.
The Tour Series cable is made with BTPA CA-466 which offers a low capacitance rating of 20pF/Ft!  The Tour Series has a slightly thicker insulator and casing, which makes it great for those performing regularly and are prone to step on cables.
Where's my package?
Please see our Shipping Policy page for more details.
Do you have a warranty? We have a 14 day money back guarantee- as long as you didn't use the cable to walk a Great Dane.  In all seriousness, as long as your cable does not appear to be in used condition, we will accept your return. If you don't like it, send it back; you just pay the shipping. Please note Custom Cables are non-refundable.

All Caulfield Cables are hand-crafted to order and therefore come with our lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship.  As long as we are in business, your cable is covered. If at any time your cable loses sound, send it back and we will repair or replace the cable. Please note that some sleeves are limited edition and may not always be available at the time of your repair. In that instance, we will offer you the colors that we have in stock. Warranties do not transfer and are only valid to the original purchaser. The original receipt is needed at the time of the warranty service. Customers pay shipping fees. This warranty does not apply to damage caused to the sleeves, heat shrink, or tips.  DO NOT attempt to repair the cable yourself.  Tampering with the cable VOIDS the warranty.  If it appears that someone attempted to repair or tamper with the cable, we hold full discretion to deny the lifetime warranty.
If your cable is having issues, simply return it to the address below along with a brief description of the problems you are experiencing, a phone number and email address that we can reach you at, and a return address.  We will ship it back to you for free.
Caulfield Cables
ATTN: Returns/ Warranty
860 A Street
Yuba City, CA  95991
United States


I purchased during a promotion.  Is there anything I need to know?

If you received free items as part of a promotion and are requesting a refund from that order, please return the promotional items as well. If you do not include your promotional items, we will deduct the retail amount of those items from your refund. If you would like an exchange or store credit, and are staying in the same spend incentive tier, there is no need to return your free items. If you’re unsure about this process, please email us at info@caulfieldcables.com We can help!

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