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Purple is one of our most requested colors and with it being so vivid and beautiful it is easy to see why!

*Please note that the HD Series version of this cable uses black cable and so the cable will appear slightly darker than the Classic Series does*


  • Classic Series: 24 AWG silver-plated ultra-pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) and bare ultra-pure oxygen-free copper wire OFC spiral shield for outstanding sonic integrity.  Low Capacitance (27.4pf/ft)
  • Tour Series: 20 AWG braided OFC copper shield. Super durable PVC Coating. Low Capacitance (20pf/ft) 
  • HD Series: Ultra Low Capacitance (15pf/ft) 21 AWG cable.  Extremely flexible PVC coating. 

All Caulfield Cables use:

  • High Clarity G&H Plugs w/ OFC copper core
  • MDPC Sleeve for added durability


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