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Sometimes you need a cable that stands out even on the darkest stages.  Initially we made this cable for an artist who needed to see their cables in the dark, but we loved it so much we decided to offer it to everyone!

*Please note that the HD Series version of this cable uses black cable and so the cable will appear slightly darker than the Tour and Classic Series do*


  • Classic Series: 24 AWG silver-plated ultra-pure oxygen-free copper (OFC) and bare ultra-pure oxygen-free copper wire OFC spiral shield for outstanding sonic integrity.  Low Capacitance (27.4pf/ft)
  • Tour Series: 20 AWG braided OFC copper shield. Super durable PVC Coating. Low Capacitance (20pf/ft) 
  • HD Series: Ultra Low Capacitance (15pf/ft) 21 AWG cable.  Extremely flexible PVC coating. 

All Caulfield Cables use:

  • High Clarity G&H Plugs w/ OFC copper core
  • MDPC Sleeve for added durability

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