Artist Spotlight - Corduroy Brown

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Artist Spotlight - Corduroy Brown

Corduroy Brown is a feel good, poppy, rock performer from Huntington, West Virginia. The music uses sounds from the 90's and 2000's, and a focus on self worth. After being revived and placed on life support in 2021, he made a full recovery. Now themes of mental wellness and a willingness to live life to the fullest are represented in the music for his second time on the Earth.

What band/artist inspired you to play music?
Flyleaf +  Michael Jackson 

What band/artist did your parents listen to all of the time that you still listen today?
Michael Jackson

What are your 3 desert island albums?
Paramore: After Laughter 
Lights: Siberia 
Flyleaf: Self Titled 
These albums reached me when i don't know what else could. Mental health and wellness is something I've adamantly advocated through talking with schools, publishing articles, and even my own music has layers in it from when I was just struggling to stay on the Earth. Each of these artists aren't afraid to write really catchy songs on the surface and still tunnel down to the depth of what's really on their minds. 
If you could only take 4 pedals with you to a gig, what would they be (not including a tuner)
EHX Soul Food
The Soul Food was maybe my second ever overdrive. I just can't make it sound bad. It has a permanent home.
EHX CanyonThe Canyon was a gift and i feel like, even after several years with it, I haven't fully explored it. It does everything simple you need it to. I have a tap tempo for playing with click tracks. I'm always finding ways to be subtle with it or to get weird with it. 
Boss TR2 Trem - I've bought and sold a few cheap trems over the years. Everytime I've gotten rid of one, I just have a craving for them. It's not on alot, but It's always the perfect time.
Garland FX Comp - As the Artist "Corduroy Brown" this was a custom made one knob comp with a kind of fiesty overdrive. The tolex is meant to look like Corduroy fabric, and it's got a pink and amber led. I love simple pedals and between the combination, it's got a total of 4 knobs. I stack this with the Soul Food if i want stuff to get out of control.


What is your current signal chain?
Fender Road Worn strat 
Line 6 Wireless - Korg Pitchblack Tuner
- Garland FX Comp +. OD 
- EHX Soul Food - Boss TR 2 
EHX Holy Grail - EHX Canyon 
June Caulfield Cable to Vox Ac 15 


What projects are you currently working on?
After the full length 2021 album called "Let Me Know"  and a single called "Medicine" that was released in July of 2022, we're working on a new full length album for 2023. 



You can find Corduroy Brown on Instagram and Facebook



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